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Welcome to our online and community classes that offer the most up to date teachings in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Meditation 

The Nourished Journey is a unique platform from which you, members of the community can access practitioner based information in an easy to understand format to incorporate into your life.  

Each workshop and course is delivered with both wisdom and humour and provides you with awesome ideas and insights to create that new path in life you desire.

“Live the Life You Have Imagined”

Henry David Thoreau


Each health challenge we face during different aspects of our lives has a story steeped both in biology and biography for wellbeing, is ultimately an art and a science.  Natasha is an experienced Naturopath, Mind Body Medicine Practitioner and Lecturer with one purpose; to inspire you to flourish.  Her unique online and community based courses empower you with knowledge on topics such as neuroscience, epigenetics, heart-brain coherence, herbal medicine, nutrition, vibrational medicine, meditation and positive psychology in an easy to understand manner.  Sometimes it is the smallest step in a different direction that can change your perspective on what is possible.

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