Got a big year studying ahead?

Is a work promotion in your sights?

Need your mind focused on your game?

Feeling scattered and overwhelmed with thoughts that do not serve you?

Worried about an ageing brain?

My brain is like the bermuda triangle.
Information goes in it and is never found again.

Brain 1

It feels so cloudy in here… am I meant to get that next thought to get through this clogginess…….she won’t remember why she came into the kitchen if I can’t get it through….. Oh its so slow in here… frustrating……can’t she at least hydrate me…….no wonder she feels so lethargic…..maybe she could get some nuts and seeds out of the kitchen for me………all those good oils would certainly make communication much smoother… luck she has forgotten why she was in there……please be more mindful……. Haven’t you noticed that I’m starting to give you a headache?

Brain 2

Oh dear…. I cant keep up……the dogs.….something about feeding….the kids need to be picked up………uni assignment due tomorrow……….his mothers appointment…………he seems scattered and stressed …….Ok, Ok I’ll put out all the worry chemicals for you……….what’s that….Oh still the dog, the mother, the kids, the assignments….…now….I’m spinning…. stop will you, I’m so scattered……I can’t tell where I’m sending all these thoughts…….Oh hang on I’m getting something…. you want more anxious like chemicals …..are you kidding me…….. why oh why did you have that extra sugar…. and those awful neurotoxins what the hell!…..

Neurons are Servants

Are yours effective, organised and efficient?
Can you count on them to bring your best, lift you up, raise you to the next level?

Your neurons (brain cells) are inconceivably diligent servants delivering chemical and electrical signals throughout your brain so that you can receive information from many different sources. But are you helping or hindering this innate process? While there is no set manual for this astounding organ and its trillions of cells, nourishing and supporting your brain will ensure an accelerated path of growth and development, an awesome level of focus and concentration, a decisive and clear mind, and ultimately, an unlimited outlook on life.

You won’t know what your brain can do until you test its limits and push beyond them. No matter how inefficiently you are using your brain, one thing is certain: it is the gateway to your future. Your success in life depends on your brain, for the simple reason that all experience comes to us through our brains.”  – Deepak Chopra

Be Generous in Nourishing your Neurons

In our upcoming “Meditation, Mindfulness & the Mind” short course we discuss the importance of supporting optimal connectivity, growth, repair and, replenishment of our neurons. Fluids, fats, flavonoids and a favourable source of energy are the focus of this dialogue. Hydration, the promotion of a nutrient rich blood supply to feed the neurons, oiling connections between neurons (for speedy, smooth communication) and, fostering a robust neuron that expels toxins and fights inflammation are all topics of conversation.

Organic blueberries for example are a rich source of anthocyanins; a flavonoid and antioxidant known to enhance neural microcirculation, scavenge and remove neurotoxins and, protect and regenerate neural cells.


Want to know more? Interested in feeding your mind?

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