“We create our individual experience of reality via the vehicle of thought”  

Michael Neil

I have recently returned from the stunning Whitsundays where alongside Whitehaven Beach, I was fortunate to observe a very interesting phenomenon.  Amongst a calm ocean, under the right conditions multiple whirlpools appear together creating an immense body of opposing, swirling and colliding waves.  This timely wonder known to the locals as “Gods Washing Machine” will not sink a boat however, is certainly intense enough to create a rough and choppy ride.

It all starts with that first wave of thought.  We have all experienced that initial concern arising; What if this relationship doesn’t work; What if I lose my job; What if I don’t get the marks I need; What if I can’t lose the weight; What if my medical diagnosis is worse than I expect; What if I can’t meet my financial commitments and so on.  But what happens if we continue to entertain that one thought?  Maybe we give it some genuine airspace and start exploring options that eventually frighten us? Perspective can quickly disappear.   

Through the lens of anxiety our experiences can begin to look pretty rough and choppy.  For some, this sometimes silent and consuming ordeal can feel like an inescapable whirlpool.  Yet, at the centre of any excessive thinking and associated perceived experience is a state of innate mental health.  Mindfulness Based Meditation enhances our awareness of this inherent mental wellbeing; a space from which clarity and a new viewpoint can arise; a space from which you are less likely to entertain that initial troublesome thought and turn it into a full length movie resembling something like the titanic; a space which despite appearances, is always present.

Need to find your ‘space’ or do you have a friend that needs to discover their ‘space’? Then come and check out our brand new meditation course and as always, feel free to pass this information along.

“If you want to know the future, look at what is in your Mind”
Matthieu Richard