Awareness of Pain


Your mind is intimately aware at a very subtle level of both dis-ease and discomfort.  

Every brain cell, chemical messenger and electrical impulse is incredibly attentive to this information exchange.

Pain and physical discomfort are signals that your body requires your conscious and undivided attention.

There are three elements to pain: the sensory physical experience, the emotional aspect & the mental responses, all of which are shaped by your knowledge, beliefs, habits and culture.

While management of your individual condition by an appropriate practitioner is fundamental to ensuring correct diagnosis and treatment, your mind is indispensable in determining your outcome.

Mindfulness Based Meditation can change the way you experience pain through relaxation, attention and intention.


Attention to strong uncomfortable sensations and associated mental and emotional patterns behind them can transform your experience of pain.

Mindfulness Meditation induces relaxation, allowing immune cells to flock to the injured site, nutrient rich blood to flood the region and, toxins to be swiftly removed.

Insight into your thoughts will highlight doubts and fears or, an innate trust in your body’s capacity to heal.  From here you can reconsider your intention to heal.






“No one can fix your life for you.  You need to set out to consciously do it for yourself.   You must trust what you know in your bones – that your body is your ally and that it will always point you in the direction you need to go”.  Christine Northrup, MD.

Headaches?  Tummy Pain?  Muscular Discomfort?  Aching Joints?  Sore Back?  Chronic Pain? 

How often do you really listen to your body?  Has it been talking to you for a while?  

Do you ignore small aches and pains?
How frequently do you suppress discomfort with medication?
Have you allowed regular aches and pains to become your new ‘normal’?  If so, how is this impacting your life right now?

Pain can be unpleasant, subjective and complex.   Hence, the subsequent neural networks you create around this experience can either amplify or ease discomfort.  This inevitably places you in a position of power.

” Most illnesses creep in when you are not present in the body.  If the master is not present in the house, all kinds of shady characters will take up residence there.  When you inhabit your body it will be hard for unwanted guests to enter”  Eckhart Tolle