Silence is Essential

We need silence,
just as much as we need air, just as much as plants need light.
If our minds are crowded with words and thoughts,
there is no space for us.

Thich Nhat Hahn

chatter…..busyness…….news…….gossip……..traffic……phone… calls…….email……text messages……..television………music…….

Stop and think for a moment about your own movements throughout the past week.  You may have been working, studying, creating a new project, busy catching up with family and friends or, looking after a loved one.
How much time in this past week have you spent in true silence?  Is it a portion of a particular day?, an hour?, a few minutes? Chances are you have been absorbing a constant stream of noise and information all day without interruption.  


Unfortunately, perpetual noise, be it foreground or background has become reassuring, settling and even comforting to a point.  Noise can be used to nourish our mind and emotions or it can be used to distract, but distract from what? What is it we not wanting to hear?

The latest research indicates that silence has the capacity to regenerate new brain cells associated with memory, learning and emotion.  It is clear that silence is not simply a dull, drowsy or empty state but one in which an enhanced awareness of clarity and stability can arise.  Silence is essentially a vivid state of mind and a conscious work place where worries can be processed and answers reached.  This regenerative space is just as relevant to young children, teenagers and new mums as it is to the CEO of a company, a student juggling work and study and, those individuals with multiple health concerns.