Energise Your Body

Is your body strong and flexible?  Do you have optimal energy reserves? Are you physically well enough to attend to all that’s important and of course, the ‘more’ that you desire in your life? 

Is your digestion functioning optimally & a notable source of nourishment? Does your body detoxify effectively?  Are you pain free? Is your immune system robust?

Engage your mind

Is your mind sharp and your concentration focused?  Are you aware of your thoughts?  Is there space for fresh thought & new ideas to come through? Do you sleep soundly? Is the power of silence prevalent in your life?  Are you managing stress effectively? What neural highways are you upholding & do they nourish you?  

Ignite your spirit

Are you doing what you love?  Do you have a thirst for life?  What would you do if you were not afraid? What are your greatest challenges?  Are your emotions stable & can you let the sticky ones go?  What is your perspective on what is possible for you?

The Mind Body Spirit Connection

The human body is energetic, living, feeling & ultimately intelligent.  Epigenetics, neuroscience & quantum physics, have long demonstrated this dynamic interconnection & interdependence of the body, mind & spirit.

The Nourished Journey provides an in depth understanding of each of these concepts and the profound connections that prevail.  This applies to every condition addressed, be it arthritis, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, autoimmune problems, fertility issues, diabetes etc.  Each course educates you on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual elements that influence the topic at hand.

As a course participant you will receive the most up to date research from a naturopathic, nutritional and meditation based perspective.  Practitioner information from an integrated stance is presented to you through course material and associated manuals in easy to understand language to put you in a position of power to change your life.  Maybe it’s that fatigue you need to turn around, that mood you want to lift, that bothersome pain you would like to minimise, that procrastination that just has to go; whatever it is for you, you will receive the knowledge and tools to turn it around.   

Be inspired by questions which once considered, will alter your perspective on your life and, what is truly possible for you.